•Parcel-Land demarcations based on the instructions of the Department of Cadastral and Land Surveying

The task where boundaries of a plot are indicated and supervised by the Department of Cadastral and Land Surveying
and a demarcation certificate is issued.

• Land Separation Designs

Design the separation of a residential property into residential plots and supervision during the construction.

• Drawings for the issuance of Urban & Building Permits

Design and submission of the necessary documents for the issuance of the respective licenses.

• Hydrological Designs

Calculation of the maximum water flow resulting for a specific period and area, flood hazard of an area and
dimensioning of water pipes.

• Road Designs

Designing new roads or improving existing roads following all the international design standards.

• Horizontal separations

Τhe task where title deeds of apartments or houses derived from single development are issued.

• Vertical Separations

The task where land is divided and as a result separate title deeds are issued for each new property

• Border Adjustment

The task where the common border of two or more properties can be modified by owners agreement.

• Parcel-Land-Building Survey

Horizontal survey of constructions, trees etc in the area of interest. 3D survey of building’s facades and floors.

• Leveling

Level points are measured in order to create a digital terrain model.

• Marking

Marking points for construction purposes as well as for new road boundaries

• Area-Volume measurements

Area and volume calculations of excavation.

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