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K. Ch. Eliades LLC was established in January 2014. The company provides consulting and design services in Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering. Undertaking services such as Land Separation Designs, Hydrological Designs, Road Designs, Parcel-land Surve, Leveling, Marking, Area – Volume measurements and any other task which is performed by the Department of Cadastral and Land Surveying according to the Ν.67/2005 Law.

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The purpose of our company is to provide reliable services in the field of Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.

We provide the following tasks:

• Parcel-Land demarcations based on the instructions of the Department of Cadastral and Land Surveying

• Land Separation Designs

• Drawings for the issuance of Urban & Building Permits

• Hydrological Designs

• Road Designs

• Horizontal Separations

• Vertical Separations

• Border Adjustment

• Parcel-Land-Building Survey

• Leveling

• Marking

• Area-Volume measurements

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Kyriakos Eliades (Land Surveyor and Geomatics Engineer)

● Bachelor Degree: Land Surveyor and Geomatics Engineer N.T.U.Athens
● Master Degree: ΜΒΑ University of Wales
● Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber: Register No Α151464
● Chartered Land Surveyor: Register No 121-13